Sanctuary Scenes
Proud Spirit has moved to Georgia!

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Just arrived and settling into their new home.
Jim and Louie resting after
putting up more fence for the pigs.

Mimi and Nina say, "We are exhausted from
watching you work.  Come rest with us."
Melanie joins them.
The Pigmahal
Jim and I stretched 3000 feet of smooth wire through the woods today so we could open up more land to the horses. That's a LOT of fence! We're EXHAUSTED... but it's a huge accomplishment, and it's all for the 50 plus rescued horses living here in peace at Proud Spirit.

Jim said, "It's very cool when you're doing fencing and you need the tractor, and your wife is badass enough to go get it."
Mimi and Nina
on the verandah.
Corgi nap time.
Indigo (Wrongfully rounded-up BLM Mustang) and Rodeo (Abused miniature) enjoying companionship and a gentle breeze blowing through the shade trees. Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary July, 2012
Absolutely fascinating day with the horses. Jim and I finally finished a MASSIVE amount of fencing at the new facility in GA...(can I just say that my husband ROCKS!) and we were able to open up more land to the herd. This was all new to them and I wanted to show them a short-cut to get back to the water source... a path through the woods, down a very steep ravine. I'm sure they would've figured it out eventually, but it's MUCH more fun to interact with them. So I went to the path and called to them. One by one, 50 plus horses followed my voice and made their way through the woods, stepping over downed trees, ducking under limbs and weaving through the brush. Some were nervous and very animated, while others were brave, curious and calm. It's difficult to describe how wonderful and uplifting it is to see horses, functioning as a herd, making their own discoveries in a natural world...
Our sweet, SWEET Pawnee (Kiger Mustang) trotting to catch up with the herd as we let them into the new pasture.
At the pond.

Now, THIS is my idea of being welcomed into the community! One of our new neighbors brought over an incredibly fabulous round bale of hay for the horses (as opposed to a casserole or a pie for us). These are clearly my kind of true horse people! Love it!!! And so did the horses :-)
Proud Spirit Horse sanctuary July, 2012


Cocoa, Cimarron and Spur
taking an afternoon nap.
The Proud Spirit Books
"Somewhere...somewhere in time's own space,
there must be some sweet pastured place,
where creeks sing on and tall trees grow,
a place where forgotten horses can go."
                             - Author Unknown
Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

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