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"Somewhere...somewhere in time's own space,
there must be some sweet pastured place,
where creeks sing on and tall trees grow,
a place where forgotten horses can go."
                             - Author Unknown

PBS Special!

As many of you know, PBS filmed a documentary based on my book entitled The Horses of Proud Spirit. The special was released regionally in 2005 and aired only in the southeast.  It received so much attention, even winning an EMMY,  that the original broadcasting station decided to release the film nationally.

This means that the documentary is now available to every PBS affiliate in the United States.  The decision about whether or not to air The Horses of Proud Spirit in your area will be made by the Program Director at each station. Check your local listings, and if you do not see The Horses of Proud Spirit in the PBS line-up, call your local PBS station to request it.  We are asking that you call your individual stations to express your interest in the documentary whether or not you see it listed.  And please pass this message along to others. The documentary has been a terrific help with book sales, which, as you know, provide help for our horses. 

Melanie Sue Bowles

A producer for PBS read The Horses of Proud Spirit and shortly afterwards contacted Jim and me about filming a documentary based on the stories in my book and our rescue work over the last 15 years. We agreed, and in March of 2005 a full crew came out to Proud Spirit for three eight-hour days of filming. It was exhausting…but kind of fun at the same time. And of course, it’s always interesting watching how the horses react and respond to new situations. All the unusual activity and strange camera equipment naturally scared a few of the horses, but captivated others. We actually had some trouble keeping our little mini, Wrangler, from smearing the lens every time the cameraman knelt down to his level.

Colleen Hamilton, the producer of the PBS documentary, The Horses of Proud Spirit, really put her heart into telling our story. She created a remarkably inspiring film about the sanctuary and the horses who have found their way to Proud Spirit. Colleen says her efforts were rewarded by the special moments she shared with each one of our horses, especially two yearling draft fillies named Ruby and Dixie. But the kudos rose to a new level when Colleen was nominated for an Emmy...and won. Congratulations Colleen!

Ask your local PBS station
If you don't see a listing for the program in your local television guide, contact your local PBS affiliate to find out when this Emmy Award winning  documentary will air in your area.  You can also phone the original broadcasting station for additional information at PBS/WEDU: 1-888-722-9338.

     Melanie Sue Bowles
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