Notes and News
Here's Jim on camera! Speaking to the crew from RFD-TV when they were filming a segment about Proud Spirit. The show is called "Trails and Tales".

Filming for RFD TV
     Melanie Sue Bowles
  The Proud Spirit Books

At the Thoroughbred Breeding Farm Gone-Wrong!
Proud Spirit was recently called in to help with a tragic and heartbreaking situation at a Thoroughbred
breeding farm where 24 horses were not being fed.  A stallion, mares in foal, weanlings, yearlings, and
adult geldings and mares. Some were literally near death; many had halters digging into their faces causing
painful sores.  An organization called "Stop Animal Cruelty" was conducting this rescue, but their primary
focus is dogs and cats, which is why we were asked to help. Numerous trips to the farm to haul horses to
new homes, several hundred dollars of our own money, hay from our own supply...resulted in a hugely
successful mission.  All the horses have been removed from this horse-hell, and they all have been placed
in loving new homes.

End of May early June 2011
     The NEW FENCE

    The Culprits!
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The Horse & Friends Radio Show
The Proud Spirit Books
"Somewhere...somewhere in time's own space,
there must be some sweet pastured place,
where creeks sing on and tall trees grow,
a place where forgotten horses can go."
                             - Author Unknown
Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary

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